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XtremeMind and Exceed Global  will accept no responsibility for any user-generated content on our forum, boards, blogs and similar media. Posts, dissertations, opinions, images, methodologies abstractions of whatever kind and color are the sole responsibility of the third party user making use of our systems


XtremeMind Terms of Service / Notices

1. All messages express the views of the author, and are not and should not be taken as representative of the official policies of the forum or the views of its staff, unless explicitly stated as such by the authoritative members of the staff.

2. All members, at the staff's discretion, must converse in an acceptable fashion to be allowed the privilege of continued participation.

3. All members must acknowledge and accept that data integrity is not the liability of the Exceed Global staff. Those who do not accept this should not contribute any content whatsoever to the Exceed Global community.

4. The Exceed Global community requires that all members provide a valid email address. This email address will only be used for user account validation and activities directly related to the features of this community, and will never be given to any third party.

5. All members that post to the Exceed Global community must acknowledge and discuss only acceptable topics when starting a new thread. If posting to an already existing thread, they must continue in the vein of discussion that the thread has already manifested; if they wish to change topics, they must start a new thread.

6. All members that create new threads must use a topic title which is understandable and describes the content of the thread properly. Furthermore, all new threads must be started in the correct forum categories, and posted only once -- in the appropriate category -- throughout the entire forum. Double posts will be removed, and threads with inappropriate topics will be moved. A member that continue violates this rule may be subject to administrative action.

7. All members must acknowledge the authority of the staff insofar as administrative actions are concerned. These issues are no longer open for discussion once the staff member has indicated that the matter is closed. Further concerns regarding an action should be communicated via a private message to the staff member, and not repeatedly discussed publicly. Furthermore, once a thread on a particular topic has been closed or removed and indicated as being unacceptable by a staff member, starting a new discussion on the exact same topic will result in administrative action being taken against the poster.

8. All members must recognize that Piracy and trading of copyrighted material is a crime that can result in your account being arbitrarily terminated. Posting about, requesting or soliciting the trade of copyrighted ebooks, music, software and other intangible products is not tolerated on this forum. If you desire to do this, do so off board. We will not be a party to wanton acts of anarchy.

9. All members must refrain from posting links to -- or information regarding how to obtain -- copyrighted or illegal material. Discussion containing information of how to obtain such material, how to bypass protection methodologies of such material, or how to otherwise violate laws pertaining to such matters will not be tolerated, and participating members may be subject to administrative action.

10. All members must post in English. Content in other languages are allowed as long as full English translations are provided, or otherwise at the discretion of the staff. User profile information (including sigs) in other languages is allowed.

11. All member sigs must be kept brief -- 5 lines at most. Signatures and avatars must also be non-obtrusive, non-offensive and work-safe. Annoying sigs can be deleted.

12. All members are only allowed to have a single user account with the forums. Members who are found to violate this rule may be subject to immediate banishment or other administrative action.

13. Updates posted in the "Announcements" forum should be of importance for the community.

14. All members must refrain from using the forum solely for advertising purposes.




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