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NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies subliminal programming CDs, NLP CDs, behavioral modification, self-hypnosis CDs, personality development CDs
subliminal programming CDs, NLP CDs, behavioral modification, self-hypnosis CDs, personality development CDs subliminal programming CDs, NLP CDs, behavioral modification, self-hypnosis CDs, personality development CDs CHI ORGONE GENERATORS NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies
NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies subliminal programming CDs, NLP CDs, behavioral modification, self-hypnosis CDs, personality development CDs



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Psionics Explained

A Psionic Box is a tool of manifestation. In other words, it is a "wish machine."

Psionics is emerging science; it  blends cutting edge technology with techniques of visualization such that  desires easily become reality.

Psychologists unanimously assert that  thoughts, when hardened with expectation and conviction, become self-fulfilling prophecies. They proved this fact in countless double-bind tests.

The technology of psionics allows the operator to FOCUS his thoughts on a desired outcome as well as to crystallize it with symbols and numerical representations. According to empirical observation, this alone is enough to increase probabilities to a favorable outcome.

Psionics, when boosted with life force (chi) stimulators are known as Probability Manipulators. These boxes carry powerful representations of a desired outcome AND energize it with an energy  resonator. According to Karl Welz,   founding father of Chi Generators, the infusion of this energy onto structural symbols of a desired outcome boost probabilities  close to 100%

Hence, Probability Manipulators can easily be thought of as Wish Generators. They do not grant desires 100% of the time. Rather, they swing events in your favor by manipulating probabilities and opening opportunities of you.. It is then your task to seize these opportunities.




Tempted To Cheat a Bit to Get Ahead?

 Sneaky Radionic Devices Offer Massively Unfair Advantage

Welz Chi Generators- the Ultimate Success System


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Yes You Do

Bottomline: Welz Chi Generators empowers you to:

  • explode with motivation

  • forge satisfying relationships and enhance your persuasion skills

  • clear up past negative experiences that may have held you back

  • skyrocket your self-appreciation and self-esteem

  • create a solid positive mental attitude

  • exceed your peak performance

  • Amaze with others with enhanced ESP


Welz psionic and radionic devicesChi energy works in the same way as electricity.

As you know, electricity powers a variety of things like computers, telephones and CD players. It is basic to all of them.

As far as human accomplishments are concerned, chi  energy is the most basic form of energy-- and key to sustenance of life. Hundreds of ancient disciplines, from Kundalini Yoga to Tai Chi to Tantra emphasize the accumulation and control of chi because free flowing chi in the body:

  • increases immunity

  • increases psi awareness

  • allows telepathic development

  • jumpstarts your personal energy signature which:

  • skyrockets your influence and charisma

  • knocks out negative states of mind

  • allows yours thoughts to influence progression of events (Manifestation)

  • Beat even the most disciplined "magicians" at psionic control

What if you had a machine that accumulates, refines and projects massive amounts of usable chi-- without the rigorous discipline demanded by Yoga or Tai Chi? Can you already imagine the possibilities?



 Welz Universal RADIONICS Manual

Welz Manual: External Power Module

Welz Manual: Performer 2400  

Welz Manual: Aqua Energizer



Chi Energy = Ability to Control Destiny

Life Force and Magick

First let's explore a few basics concerning life force and life force technology

According to Wilhelm Reich, orgone energy (as he called life force) is a primordial cosmic energy. It is universally present and it can be demonstrated visually, thermically, electroscopically and by means of Geiger-Mueller counters. In the living organism: bio-energy, life energy, Chi energy. Most people can actually feel this energy without prior training.

As far as we can look back in history, humans have been using life force for many purposes. This use of life force was result of practical experience. In fact,

The use of Life Force is a Characteristic of All Living Beings!

Being one of the first technologies of humankind, life force naturally became part of humans' religious creeds and religion-based magick, very similar to the use of fire, the making of metals, and natural phenomena. Consequently the practical application of life force was linked closely to the religion of the culture where it was used. Moreover, whenever certain applications of life force such as magickal operations were successful, such success was mistakenly considered to be proof of the religious belief system of the practitioner. Oddly enough, even in our otherwise enlightened times there are still traditions out there whose faithful followers claim to be the only true guardians of life force and its many applications. Although they may claim differently, you will find out soon that many "academic" scientists and pop-scientists belong to that same category of humans, if you take the time to analyze the stuff that they utter.

Life Force Technologies of the Past

Human beings have acquired much of their knowledge of the universe as a result of experience that they gained when handling energies that were invisible to their eyes. To handle energies that are not visible is an important characteristic of the human species. This characteristic is the result of the human capability to abstract. The practice of magick with its theories (usually obscured in religious creeds), formulas, and rituals is no doubt one of the oldest human ways of handling invisible energy and of having impact upon the environment and, of course, on other human beings.

It was the continuous probing into what is beyond the scope of everyday experience, which eventually has led mankind to modern technologies and to modern concepts of space-time. For instance, the knowledge of the laws that govern electromagnetic energies is at the basis of practically all contemporary theories of the universe, from descriptions of majestic galaxies all the way to sub atomic physics. We can explain most of the phenomena of heat, acoustics, chemical reactions, etc., as being expressions of electromagnetic energy.

There is another energy that humans have worked with for as long as they have roamed this planet. We cannot see it as easily as we can see visible light nor can we feel it as markedly as heat or electricity, yet humans could sense its presence and they have learned methods to generate and to direct it long ago. From this knowledge they developed practices and technologies to help them deal with their inner and outer environments. This energy is life force. It is everywhere around us just the same way as electromagnetic waves are all around us. In other words, we are living in an ocean of energy of both life force and electromagnetic waves.

Throughout history, life force has received many names: People of ancient India called it Prana. The practices of pranayama and yoga evolved from the knowledge of prana. The ancient Chinese called it Chi. The practices of Tai Chi and Chi Kung developed from this knowledge. The Polynesians called the mysterious life force Mana. They derived from it the practices of Kahuna.

Many religious practices contain elements of generating and using life force for various purposes, such as meeting environmental challenges, healing, and developing favorable outcomes of human endeavors. Very often, these methods are concealed in religious ceremonials.

Practitioners of Tai Chi and Yoga generated life force within themselves. So did magicians (shamans, conjurers, priests, etc.) of various religious backgrounds. Other methods consisted in building up strong emotional forces in a group (think of charismatic church meetings), walking and dancing in circles (also used by many religious groups) and animal sacrifice. The latter is an effective, yet very primitive and crude, form of releasing life force that is practiced by many religious groups. We know of more than 20 passages in the Bible in which the Lord tells his followers how to correctly sacrifice animals. In fact, if the animal ends up as a roast, this method of butchering is a lot more humane than the horrors in your friendly neighborhood slaughterhouse!

The Scientific Approach

Practitioners in the West used many words for life force: animal magnetism (Mesmer), Solar ether (Korschelt et al.), Od (Baron Karl von Reichenbach), orgone (Reich), psychic energy (magicians), eloptic energy (Dr. Galen Hieronymus) and many more.

One of the first pioneers of a scientific approach to an understanding of life force was Franz Anton Mesmer, a physician from Stuttgart, Germany, who lived two centuries ago. He studied and practiced medicine in Vienna, the same city where Wilhelm Reich studied under Freud a bit more than a century later. Eventually he moved to Paris. Mesmer experimented with life force that he called animal magnetism.

His scientific approach to and understanding of life force led Mesmer to the invention of an accumulator of life force!

His accumulators of animal magnetism were wooden barrels that were filled with iron filings. His patients held on to iron rods that were immersed in the iron filings. Having studied in Vienna with Freud, Wilhelm Reich certainly has known of Mesmer, whose name appears in all publications concerning hypnotism as one of its pioneers!

The more recent life force (orgone) accumulator that Wilhelm Reich has designed has alternating layers of organic and metallic matter -- usually wood, celotex, fibre glass or wool and steel wool. This is a significant improvement compared to Mesmer's and Korschelt's devices. Alternating layers increase the capability to accumulate orgone. Reich had people sit inside the accumulator while Mesmer used iron rods to direct the energy outward.

Orgonite® and Orgone Generators®

Karl Hans Welz has developed a material that is a lot more effective in accumulating life force (orgone) than layered arrangements: orgonite®. Before that, he has invented the first device that actually generates orgone energy, the Welz Chi Generator®. He also found out that which magicians and shamans knew all along: namely that life force (orgone) transfers instantaneously at any distance by way of near-identical structures (structural links). The test of life force that you performed earlier is proof of that. Furthermore, in December 1996 he succeeded in sending signals accross the Atlantic from machine to machine (with no human sensor at all), using life force only. As expected, no amplifying device was needed either. He had solved the problem of signal transfer with life force as a carrier medium three years earlier.

As a natural consequence of the structural transfer capabilities of life force: If you want to energize your body with life energy, you need not sit inside the large multi-layered contraption of an orgone box, nor need you hold on to iron rods (personally I would prefer that to sitting inside a box), but all you need is a small structural link such as a transfer disk that connects you with an orgone generator. With that disk on yourself, it does not matter at all if you are sitting in front of the Welz Chi Generator®, if you are a few miles away, or if you are half around the globe! The structural transfer characteristic of orgone (life force) is also the reason why you can direct life force mentally

Characteristics of Life Force

It is obvious by now that life force is an energy form, like electricity. This means that, knowing the natural laws that govern this energy, we can now determine or predict its effects. Furthermore, we can now explain in simple scientific terms why and how magick and all other methods of action at a distance (such as radionics) work. Naturally, this is the basis for extensive and powerful technologies that make use of life force: technologies whose roots lie in the remote past and whose potential goes far beyond the narrow scope of the more traditional uses of life force.

Scientists of all ages knew of life force. Recently, starting with Mesmer, they formulated some very basic natural laws that describe or life force, chi, or orgone. They realized that there are considerable differences between life force and electromagnetic energy. In some way, both energies act like opposite polarities of one and the same basic principle.

Of both forms of energy, human beings perceive only a small fraction with the apparatus of their senses. Both energies pulsate. That's what these energies have in common.

Very important are the differences between the two energy forms. Energies that belong to the electromagnetic spectrum of light tend to achieve a balance when a higher potential gets in contact with a lower potential. For instance,whenever you bring a hot body in contact with a cold one, a heat exchange occurs until both bodies have the same temperature. Physicists call this process entropy. With Life force, the opposite is the case. When a body of high life force potential comes in contact with a body of lower potential, a process takes place that we call negative entropy. In this process, the stronger potential is drawing energy from the weaker one until saturated, and it becomes stronger.

Still more pronounced is the difference of the space in which both energies act. As we all know, the electromagnetic energies diminish in intensity with the square of the distance from their source. They are totally part of the three-dimensional space of our visual and most kinetic perceptions. That's why we need amplifiers of considerable strength if we want to pick up radio waves from a very distant transmitter. This principle is valid for the space time continuum of the physicist. People of all ages who used life energies knew of the power of "psychic" links, or identical structures. Once a person who is working with life energies (such as a shaman, magician, or healer) has a psychic link to the target of his or her operation, he can bridge the physical space that separates him from the target, no matter how distant it may be. Therefore it is obvious that work with life force requires a new model of space-time. This model of space-time is essentially different from the space-time that the physicist describes, yet it interacts with it. It is a hyper space in which identical objects establish warps, or direct contacts. The natural law of action of life energy is simple. It states that DISTANCE IS A RESULT OF STRUCTURAL DIFFERENCE.

The problem that traditional physicists of the establishment (to some extent including the folks of the "orgone establishment") and of academia have with life energy lies exactly in these differences. Life energy is mainly generated and used by living beings. For the past two hundred years, pranayama, chi gong, and other practices with life energies, stayed outside hard core science. This is so because up to now there were no machines available that measured or generated life energy. Academia prefers to ignore the fact that millions of people successfully used and use this energy. Hyper spaces and warps are beyond the narrow minded conceptions of the dried up academic scientist.

Scientists of HSCTI (Hyper Space Communications and Technologies International) have solved this problem. Not only did they develop new instruments that can measure life energies, but also instruments that generate life energy: the famous WELZ CHI GENERATORS®. You can use the Welz Chi Generator® in any application that requires the generating of strong
fields of life force.

Get the Evidence Now:

Test the Transfer of Life Force at any Distance!

This exciting test most certainly will be a surprise for you!

Before you continue to gain a deeper understanding of the amazing new technology of Chi-Generator® boosted Power Magick and its many uses, perform this experiment. This will certainly provide you with the evidence that you wanted !!!

Life Force Bridges any Distance!

The following test most certainly could be the greatest surprise in a lifetime, even though you may be well versed in methods of magick, radionics, or similar methods of impact at a distance!

We are certain that you have heard of spells that follow people half around the globe ... usually resulting from some form of magick that they think they cannot escape, no matter how hard they try. Quite often the story goes that a skilled conjurer, shaman, or magician of their hometown had something in mind for them ... for good or for bad.

How is such powerful work done?
In other words ...

You want to know how this powerful magick works...
You want to understand how it is possible that spells can follow people for decades, even if they are thousands of miles away...
You want to know it, because ...
You want the power to meet all your challenges, to solve all problems, and to be a total success in all matters!!!

In the following, you will experience how our amazing technology can do it all for you! Now you can actually gain deep insights into the working of life force! You will find out that life force is the source of power of all radionics, ESP, and magickal work. Therefore, you are about to penetrate one of the most ancient of secrets! What follows now is the rare opportunity to have an eye-opening look into the workshop of the most powerful magicians, conjurers, and shamans.

Find out for yourself by now! Perform the following easy and truly amazing test !!! This easy-to-do test will certainly help you make decisions that can put you well on the way to positively change and greatly improve your life for the better !!!

The Test

Perform the following test to feel life energy at a distance now and to gain the evidence that you always wanted:

1. Print the transfer diagram above.

2. Put the printed diagram on a table or on any other surface. It should be a minimum of 2 ft (60cm) away from your body or any other large living organism.

3. Now hold the center of the palm of either of your hands approximately one inch (2 - 3 cm) above the printout of the diagram.

Most people will be surprised to feel something almost immediately: either a slight tingling in your hand, a gentle cool breeze, or, as is the case with most people, an agreeable sensation of warmth in the center of your palm that can spread out from the palm…and…

Yes!!! You have just felt life force, perhaps for the first time in your life!

As we said above (later we will show you why), life force is the subtle energy, or psychic power, that is used in all methods of magick, spiritual-religious work and miracles, treasure mapping, self-motivation, shamanic practice and any other psychic work.

You can feel life force emanating from the printed diagram (some people even feel it off the screen!), because an identical diagram is in front of one of the Welz Chi Generators® in our laboratories. That's extremely simple!!!

This experiment shows that you can use technology to harness and direct Life Force !!!

We suggest that you perform a few additional tests with life force: First, hold your hand above the diagram, then above any other surface that is at least at a distance of 16 inches from the diagram. Notice the difference!

As is the case with all experiments of this kind, it is important that you perform it in a relaxed state of mind. If the main focus of your attention tied up to other important or urgent situations, and especially if you are not relaxed, it may be a bit challenging to feel subtle energies.

Using this exciting new technology, the devices from HSCTI (Hyper Space Communications and Technologies International) generate and project life force (orgone) that you can harness for your overall success!

The Proof

This extraordinary test proves to you first hand that which sensitive and powerful persons of all ages (among them tai chi masters, reiki masters, yogis, shamans, conjurers, magicians, and priests performing spiritual work) knew all along: namely that life force (chi, prana, mana, etc... every culture and language has its own name for the same energy) transfers at any distance. Moreover, it does so without loss of energy. All that’s needed is the right structural link (some professionals prefer to call it “psychic link”) to establish contact! This fact makes their magick possible, even easy! In fact, it is so easy that everybody is now capable of working their magic!

This has been one of the reasons why many of these professionals decided to guard their powerful secrets like precious gems, making them available only to a few hand picked people! Under no circumstances did they want to lose their lucrative sources of income.

The Conclusion

You have just experienced one of the most guarded secrets of all ages, namely the transfer of life force (“magickal energy” or "psychic energy") at any distance!!! More importantly: you have just realized that many secrets of ancient cultures are technology, yours to use !!! You have just experienced that the effects of any type of magick or spiritual work, such as changing your life for the better, can be achieved by now easily with the help of our powerful technology!!!

By now it is obvious that this new technology can give everybody access
to the power of these secrets because…

It is powerful technology in your hands …
for lasting success and for positive permanent change !!!

Now You Can Get what You Want!

Before you begin to use the Welz Chi Generator™ to help you achieve decisive positive permanent solutions, you can examine thoroughly your innermost desires and ask yourself a few key questions:

1. Do other people envy you? Or do you envy others?
2. Do other people want to be like you? Or do you wish you were living other peoples' lives?
3. Are others in awe of you? Do they puzzle at your meteoric rise to the top as much as they wonder about your success, accomplishments and amazingly good fortune? Or is it perhaps the other way around?

Here is a list of some of the good things that you probably want:

The things you want to own
The money you want to acquire
The things you like to achieve
The exotic places you want to see
The abilities you like to have
Good fortune at all times
The love you like to receive
Abundance on all levels
Achieve and maintain balance, harmony and peace

And much, much more…

Now, most certainly you know that it is your Power that carries your decision, obeys your command. This Power is a manifestation of the life force that you have available. Wise people in the Far East called this life force, or power, Chi and they developed many techniques of self-improvement from this knowledge such as Tai Chi and Chi Gong. Modern Western terms for life force are orgone, animal magnetism, odic force, Solar ether, and others.

To understand the advantage that this Power, i.e., life force, can give you, imagine the following: Bring a native in from a remote jungle to a city. The electricity will not work for him until he realizes that this button turns on that light and that switch turns on this radio. Naturally, for him the effects of electricity are "magick". His friends who never learned how to flip a switch have no access to this magick whatsoever.

As you know by now, Your Power is dependent on your available Life Force. Using the technology to which we are introducing you here, you are able to have much more life force available. Consequently, by now you are able to control it where and when you want to do so. Obviously, to have more life force available means that you have more Power and consequently you have more control of your reality than others around you. This is the Power to control and to manifest your reality with overwhelming success!

Now… imagine that you can project a large amount of continuous life force to any one or more of the areas in your life or goals that you like to improve and strengthen. Naturally, with added life force you significantly reduce the time and the effort it would normally take and, of course, you can have much more control over these areas.

You want to know by now how this all is possible. You find the answer when you think of people whom you know. Some of them are radiating energy wherever they are and it is obvious that they are successful in just about everything they initiate. Others toil, their noses to the grindstone, to get the bare necessities for life. The difference between these two extremes is in the ability to generate and use life force. Usually generated subconsciously, life force and the stamina coming with it can be decisive when it comes to achieving success.

Until now, the knowledge of how to generate life force and how to consciously harness it for success was kept from the common people. Every shepherd's intent was to have as large a flock of sheep as possible.

Among other things, the Welz Chi Generators® are uniquely designed for:

Enhancement -- Greatly improve and enhance your life
Trend Management -- Powerful help for positive permanent change
Instant Control -- Take instant control of your life -- in areas of desired change and improvement
Peak Performance -- Attain peak performance in work, studies, and, of course, in sports. Build confidence and reach top level performance in many areas of your life. In Sports, you can use the mind machine option for Top Performance Enhancement that Defies Detection.
Balance and Relaxation -- Experience stress relief and increase relaxation!!!

With the new Welz Chi Generator® you can have now a tool that gives you the cutting edge on your path to a happy, meaningful, and fulfilled life in abundance and to gain a significant advantage in your personal matters, business dealings, prosperity, sport achievements, relationships, and sex!

Therefore the Welz Chi Generator® is certainly the most important technological advance in mind machine and life force technology in the past 40 years and definitely the greatest yet for self-help, mind-control, and, of course, for powerful work to naturally improve your life and the life of others!

Positive Permanent Change!!!

The new Welz Chi Generator® (orgone generator®) is the key component of this amazing new technology. It is the source of power in the success-equipment from HSCTI. You can use this equipment to help yourself achieve permanent desirable solutions in your most important situations.

This exciting new technology is now yours to use to gain a significant advantage in your personal matters, business dealings, prosperity, sport achievements, relationships, and sex!

With this new life force (orgone) technology, you can now take your destiny into your own hands. Now is the time when reaching your goals is closer than ever before! This is so, because life force is the driving force, or source of power, of all paranormal phenomena such as telepathy, hypnosis, ESP, martial arts, and magical work. In fact, in the light of the new life force technology, something amazing happened: That which was regarded in the past as being “paranormal”, even "miraculous", appears now as something entirely normal. All these phenomena are now easily to explain as parts of a technology that uses life force

It’s Easy and Practical !!!

With the Welz Chi Generator® , the practical harnessing of life force for your overall success is extremely easy! It is the same process that happens when gifted human beings use their innate psychic powers or when they generate and harness life force by other means. There is a difference, of course: With the new Welz Chi Generator®, even an untrained person can get the same results now that otherwise only highly trained psychics, shamans, or magicians can get. In fact, with the new Welz Chi Generator® you have now a decisive advantage over any person, who does not own and operate this technology. This is so,

1. because the Welz Chi Generator® generates life force continuously and
2. because the Welz Chi Generator® has a much stronger output of life force than most magicians and shamans can ever produce, even when working in groups.

In fact, the technology from HSCTI requires not more training than what it takes to drive a car!!! In fact, it takes much less! When you decide to use the Welz Chi Generator® to help you achieve a better life, you need no involved training, no creative visualization, no pep talks to yourself, no hypnosis, no self-programming techniques, and no motivational seminars. All it takes to succeed is the capability to flip a switch and the willingness and open mind to utilize new technology when improving your life in every aspect!!!

In fact, acquiring the Welz Chi Generator®/s is definitely the best investment by far that anyone can make in a lifetime as Welz Chi Generators® already produce spectacular results, as experienced by thousands of users of the Welz Chi Generators® worldwide!

The Universal Manual that you will receive with your Equipment has easy-to-follow, step by step instructions that will lead you from very simple applications to increasingly complex uses of this extraordinary equipment. Above all, ...

It’s fun, it’s exciting, and you certainly can be laid
back and relax while you await assured success!!!

Click here to see our powerful new Welz Chi Generator that comes bundled with special goodies!

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