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The Art of The Pickup

World's Best Seduction DVD Set

by Jay Valens and Ray Devans

100% XtremeMind Recommended



Make Her Interested
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Make Hot Women Feel THIS good

These Cutting-Edge DVDs  Give YOU An Unfair  Advantage With Women

Who else wants to join the ranks of successful men who have changed their lives by taking advantage of the incredible secrets of attraction found in “The Art of the Pickup”?


Dear Lover Of Women,

    I am guessing that no matter where you are with your ability to attract women, you would like to be even better, right?  And if you had a chance to learn the secret methods of the pickup masters out there, you would jump at that chance.

    The reason is that as men we are programmed to want beautiful sexy women.  In many ways, it’s the most important thing we strive for as men.  If we are working hard at our jobs, it’s because we daydream about getting that one dream girl.

f we go out to bars every weekend, even if we come home alone most of the time, it’s because we hope upon hope that we are going to “get lucky” with some amazingly hot, curvy, sexy blonde.

    So welcome to the brotherhood of guys who want more when it comes to women.  It’s easy to join this club.  But if you want to join the brotherhood of men who actually already have more success with women, read on.

You see, you are now living in the best time to be alive as a man, because technology has made it possible for you to learn the secrets that were simply unavailable to the average man centuries ago.

    Sure, there were guys like Casanova around, but they were not sharing their secrets!  And even if they did, the best that they could really have done would be to write a book.  It wouldn’t teach you the right body language, voice tone, eye contact.  It’s a fact: people learn by seeing and repeating better than just reading.  For example, do you think you would learn better by reading a book about how to play pool, or by watching a video about how to play pool?

Learn To Approach
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Enter “The Art of The Pickup”

Disc 1: Over 3 hours of interactive video ...
Step-By-Step Instruction In   The Art Of Attracting Women

Guys, writing to let you know things are going well for me - thanks for the preview copy.  I wish I'd had a product like this when I was in college. Heck, I'd have loved to this know-how my first few years out of college.  The main thing which stood out was how clear the narrative was explaining the videos.  Great job!”

Brian J., IL

    Have you ever wanted to be much more successful with women?  What would it be like if you knew what to say, and how to attract them regardless of your looks?  Maybe you didn't know where to start.  This amazing DVD is your answer and will guide you from beginning to end.  It shows you exactly what to do in a step-by-step and fun-to-watch format.  You get the highest quality learning experience through the combined video scenes, cartoon examples, motion graphics, and audio clips.

    The Foundation section in "The Art of the Pickup" presents you with the basic understandings and attitudes which will become the backbone for all your interactions with women.  Learn the secrets that are going to set you apart from other men for the rest of your life.


Build Her Attraction
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    After Foundation, you will be guided through the beginning and middle stages of attracting a woman in the First Encounter and Second Encounter sections.  Interactive video scenes of dialog with freeze frame and narration guide you through meeting a woman, getting her attracted, how to ask for her phone number and email address, follow up dates, getting her home, and how to seduce her once alone with her.

You will learn:

  • How to first talk to a woman
  • What to say and how to say it
  • Proper body language for attraction
  • How to get her phone number
  • How to handle resistance
  • How to make her want to see you again
  • How to attract her and get alone with her
  • How to easily lead to kissing and sex

Get Her Phone Number
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Disc 1 features:

  • Interactive video
  • Freeze frames with narrated explanations
  • Alternate scenes
  • Auto rewind for emphasis
  • Special graphics & text explanations
  • Bonus interviews

    This amazing video series shows you how to meet women in a wide variety of locations like bars, parks, bookstores, and more.  Then, watch the Home Seduction scenes to learn how to set up your apartment or home, and the perfect ways to turn her on once she's there.

Have More Success
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Disc 2: Over 3 hours of special features ...
Anchors The Knowledge To   Reality. Gets You Motivated!

I'm floored.  Why didn't anyone do this before?  Disc 2 also rocked, the interviews were actually really informative.  I could relate the most with Will, that guy has a great take on things!  You guys are cool, too ;-)”

Ken. C., TX

    Have you ever bought an awesome product but somehow found yourself not making the best and full use of it?  Need that extra OOMPH in motivation?  Disc 2 has it for you.

Disc 2 features:

  • Video Interviews with Experts
  • Confidence Building Audios
  • Audio from a live Pickup Seminar

    Candid interviews with experts and real life dating coaches teach you exactly why and how you too can have any woman you desire.  Each expert breaks down their learning process starting from their early stages to current successes, and explain how they overcame their own limitations.  Also included in the interviews are special tips on how to maximize your success in clubs and bars!

    We all need some good motivation every now and then.  Well we have some GREAT motivation for you in the Confidence Building Audios.  These audios are perfect for jump-starting you with self-affirmations, belief reinforcements, and getting yourself pumped up before heading out!

    There are guys out there paying thousands to learn just some of this stuff at live seminars.  We've given you access to audio from an actual Pickup Seminar - now their secrets are yours!  Listen as the instructor teaches a room full of men all about approaching, how to initiate conversations with women, and how to me more successful at it than ever before.  Questions from the audience are also answered to help guys with common mistakes.

Get More Dates
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What The Successful Pickup Artists Already Know

There's no way I can resist using this information now.  Watching something explained is so much better than just reading about it and now I know what the successful pickup artists already know.”

N. D., CA

    When you purchase “The Art of the Pickup” DVDs you get it all. You may have seen other self-help products, books, and extremely expensive personal training seminars and services on the market but this product combines all the good qualities these other products have at an affordable price. We have personally known many guys who have spent literally thousands of dollars on trying to improve their success with these other types of products yet nothing really changed for them. This is why we created “The Art of the Pickup”.

Not only does The Art of the Pickup offer you a better and more focused course specifically about meeting and picking up women, not only do we do offer you our information in a better way, but if you added up what all those other more general service and materials would cost you would easily spend over $1000. This is why we are happy to be able to offer you the combined experience of “The Art of the Pickup” at a price of only $149.95.

Click here for The Art of the Pickup

    For roughly the price you would pay on just two failed dinner dates and drinks, you can get knowledge and experience that you will keep for the rest of your life - and say goodbye to such failed dates in the first place! Imagine how your life will change once you have these videos at your disposal to watch and learn from whenever you want.

    Thinking of it this way, you literally owe it to yourself to start saving money with women by buying this amazing product. So what are you waiting for, Click here for The Art of the Pickup and take the first step in your journey towards mastery with women!

    Just imagine how excited you are going to be when “The Art of the Pickup” DVDs arrive in the mail (plainly packaged for your privacy) and you open them up and begin learning immediately the skills that so few men will ever have.

Click here for The Art of the Pickup  and get the process started.

Wishing you all the best,

Jay Valens and Ray Devans

Learn to talk to girls like this!

TIP ONE: How To Get Her Phone Number

Are you ready to learn an amazing way to get a woman's phone number without even asking her verbally?

Have you ever been talking to a woman you were interested in, and not know how to ask for her phone number because you felt nervous or unsure?  Or have you been been having an engaging conversation, maybe flirting a bit, but are still not sure whether she's interested or if she will give you her number without you asking for it?  Whatever the reason  you get "stuck" not knowing how to get her number.  Why?

Many times a man will meet a new woman, have a great conversation, and then never get a chance to see her again because he hesitated to get her contact information for whatever reason - simply for the fact that asking in the first place made him nervous.

Here is a SIMPLE solution for you:

Carry a few small pieces of paper in your pocket and also a pen.  When you get that oh-so-familiar feeling the conversation might be winding down and that voice in your head telling you it's time to get her contact info... rather than say anything, simply pull out the pen and a piece of paper while you're still talking (and remember to do this very casually), write your number on one side of the paper, rip it in 2 pieces (your number on one piece, and the other piece blank), then simply hand both pieces casually to her along with your pen as if it's presumed what she will do.  You do not need to draw attention to this action at all, make it completely casual as if no attention needs to be brought to it.  She will understand the purpose, take the piece with your number, use your pen to write her own number on the blank piece, then hand your pen back to you along with her number, and she will also not need to say a word - the ritual will be understood.  Nothing could be simpler.

This is my favorite way to get a woman's number to follow up with her later!  You will be surprised at how simple yet effective this method is.  Try it today!

~ Jay Valens, Co-Producer of “The Art of the Pickup”

Here's a comment from a guy who used this method, along with other tips from "The Art of the Pickup":
I couldn't believe how simple this was!  There have been so many times I goofed up in not getting a girl's number because I hesitated so much, this little trick is gold.  I already have 3 numbers this week from really cute girls!”

H. C., Florida, Student



“It is not enough to conquer, one must learn to seduce.”

I love this quote from the 18th century French author and famous seducer Voltaire, because it holds a lot of wisdom about why most men are successful with women and only a select few are VERY successful.

You see, many men are trying to CONQUER women - attempting to force women to like them by spending money on them or giving them unoriginal gifts.  These men do all the same things and they end up boring women because they don't know how to SEDUCE them.  Why?

The good news is that seduction is something you can LEARN, just as Voltaire implies in his famous quote.

Think about it, men have been seducing women for thousands of years, so if you can even learn just some of the attitudes and techniques that they have used, then you too can be wildly successful with women!

Here are just two of the many attitudes and understandings that you must have to be more successful with women:

“There is an abundance of women in the world.”

Most guys, maybe yourself included, tend to only focus their attention on one woman who they simply can’t get their mind off of.  Usually it’s a woman who is not really interested in them in return.

While it is good to have a focus, the problem is that they act like she is the only woman in the world, and she picks up on this both consciously and unconsciously.  It comes across as needy, and puts her in the position of power to choose you, not the other way around.

It's like economics applied to dating.  If you think the supply of women is small, you will do stupid things like pay too much just to date them.  She will understand she can chose you anytime, and she feels there is no challenge, so she will keep her options open because she knows she can have you anytime she wants and there is no need to hurry.

If instead you realize there really are billions of women in the world, and understand that you can always meet other women at any time, then you will have a more relaxed and powerful attitude that women will pick up on instantly.

“You are the selector when dealing with women.”

Following this logic, you want to reverse the above supply and demand perception so that women understand you are a unique man who chooses women, not the other way around.

Have you ever heard that phrase, “God’s gift to women?”  If you are like me, you were taught by society and friends (women in particular) to avoid ever thinking like this about yourself.  But the secret fact is, this is exactly how you must think in order to be outrageously successful with women.

People want what they can’t have, what they perceive has VALUE.  If you will just understand how to appear as the more valuable catch in your interactions with women, and how to behave like the SELECTOR, you will have that value for women.  You will double, triple, or even QUADRUPLE your success with women instantly!

In the video clip above, the man has both of these attitudes internalized and shows them in his actions with women.  And as someone who used to have absolutely no success with women, but now practices such attitudes in real life, I can tell you without a doubt, they will work for you, too!

~ Ray Devans, Co-Producer of “The Art of the Pickup”

How tips from "The Art of the Pickup" helped a man in his early 30s take control of his dating life:
Being in a huge metropolitan city, I'm surrounded daily by all kinds of gorgeous women and for the longest time I never seemed to be able to keep the interest of more than a few, even being a smart successful man - and I didn't know why.  Now I know.  I now have the knowledge that's changed my life around.  I've been dating TWO (yes two!) great women and regularly meeting new women all the time.  Thank you!”

Dan. W., New York



Once you have learned the right attitudes and understandings like those mentioned above, you are ready to go out and meet women.  But to really be successful, you also need the right techniques and game plan.

“You need to meet women EVERYWHERE”

In order to maximize your opportunities for meeting and dating the kind of women you desire, you have to be ready to meet them everywhere you go.  Think about it, in your everyday life the kind of women you desire are not only found in bars and clubs, but are often in the places you least expect to find them.

The problem is that most guys think it is only acceptable to meet women at bars and clubs or through mutual friends.  And even if they think its OK, they don’t know what to do.

But with the right game plan and the right techniques, you can easily and effectively meet women while walking down the street or buying books, or anywhere else.

And how do I do that you are asking?

“Have a general game plan for meeting women anywhere.”

Here is a quick structure you can use for meeting a woman anywhere:

  1. Approach her confidently.
  2. Make a humorous comment about something that is relevant to the situation.
  3. Talk to her as if she is already somebody you know.
  4. After a few minutes, mention that you are busy and tell her it has been nice talking to her.
  5. Walk away as if you are leaving, but turn around and mention that it would be nice to continue the conversation again.
  6. Use the technique discussed earlier to get her phone number.

In each of the summary scenes in the video clips above, the man has met the woman using some or all of the components of this basic game plan.

OK, once you have a universal game plan for meeting women, you need techniques for effectively following up with women and actually getting them to meet you again.

“Use these two powerful technique from sales to dramatically increase the chances she will meet you again.”

It’s happened to us all before. You have called her and the conversation is going well.  You gather your courage and ask her if she wants to meet you on Saturday and she says “That is really sweet, but I can’t.”

The problem here is that you asked her a “yes or no” question, and she chose “no” because it is easy and she thinks she can always say yes later if she wants.  But once she has chosen not to meet you, it’s like a circuit switches on in her brain that makes it easy to keep saying no to you because she already has.

Salesmen know this, and so they never ask you a “yes or no” question.  Instead they use these two time tested techniques:

Technique 1 - Assume the sale!

I know this principle and still it was used on me recently to get me to buy a subscription to an investment newspaper.  The sales guy called up and launched into the description of his product, asked me some open ended questions about my investment interests and needs.  After I answered them, he enthusiastically said “Great, it sounds like this newspaper meets all those needs!”

He simply assumed I wanted to buy his newspaper.  I didn’t have a chance to tell him I didn’t want to buy because he hadn’t asked me a “yes or no” question about buying.

With a woman you are talking to her on the phone, you can do the same thing when setting up a meeting.  Once you know a little about what she likes, you simply start describing how fun a certain activity is.  When she agrees, you talk about how nice it will be to do that activity together.  When she agrees to that too, you simply assume that means she wants to do it with you.  Then follow up with:

Technique 2 - Close the deal by offering choices that all lead to the sale!

“So would you like to use Visa, Master Card, or Discover?”

When the salesman said these words to me the first thing that popped into my mind was a picture of the credit cards in my wallet, and which would be better to use.  It happened automatically, even though I knew the technique he was using. I wound up buying the subscription and I am really glad I did because what I learned from it helped me to make more money in the stock market!

So let’s apply this technique to setting up the meeting with the woman you have called in the example above.  You have just described the thing you want to do with her and have assumed the sale.  Now just say:

“Great! So would you like to meet on Saturday on Sunday?”

Both choices lead to meeting you, and the unstated fact underlying the statement is that she has already agreed to meet you, now it is just a question of determining when.  You will be amazed how often this works!

Go ahead, start using these and other “Art of the Pickup” techniques and watch your friend’s jaws will drop in amazement when they see how many hot, sexy women you are dating!

~ Ray Devans, Co-Producer of “The Art of the Pickup”

This man sent us an amazing story of his turnaround from striking out with women to becoming a local stud with our help:
“...I can't thank you guys enough.  I almost had no hope left to turn things around.  Tried so many things I just could get to work for me, I lost count.  Your are, without a doubt, the best, and I finally have the results to prove it.  I wish I could keep your video a secret but I know there are other men like me out there. P.S. You can use this as a testimonial.”

Len. F., Massachusetts, Electrical Engineer
You have just been given a taste of a few techniques that will make your success with women much higher. Unfortunately, there are so many more things to learn, and these by themselves won’t get you to the level where you really want and need to be.

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