NLP persuasion techniques and objection mastery

NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies
SPECIAL RADIONICS   NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies
NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies
NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies





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HOW TO MAKE MONEY with Power Diamonds

Perpetual Financial and Social Lucky Streak


make money with mind power

The Ultimate Solution for the Financially Distressed!

Are you an entrepreneur who just can't make the big time?

Does your salary as a corporate employee stagnate?

Is it vexing that you can't get out of your lackluster social quagmire

You can change all that in a month. Guaranteed.

Witness The Power Diamond

If you loved our spells or enjoyed the vigor of our radionic devices, you'll love the new Power Diamond. It's your unparalleld weapon to clamber from the pit of despair... and soar into the skies of financial freedom. You will make money with mind power enhanced by this gem

The Power Diamond is a charmed object, 1.01-1.25 carat sized, Round,  H colored and SI2. It's lab-created like Moissanite and glows with the fire of a naturally mined diamond.

how to make money quick

But it's looks are unimportant. What matters is the blistering power it brings.  Programmed into these diamonds are special programming for wealth, affluence and power designed to:

  • Supercharge your social circle and bring powerful men and women into your life;

  • Attract ideas and vigorous opportunities for wealth;

  • Infuse you with the radiant energy signature of diamonds as well as the  the centuries-old vibrations of affluence and transcendence associated with diamonds;

  • Kick start synchronicities that stampede power and money into your door;

  • Repel those who will pull you down;

  • Mitigate the negativity of the jealous and acrimonious;

  • Create a self-perpetuating field of protection that will sustain and envelope you for life. Make money with mind power enhanced by the diamond.

  • Radiate over 100,000 bovis units of power (combined with the energy accessories it comes with) which will explode your motivation to succeed and to fly high.

The Technology

Each Power Diamond is paired with energy accessories (included in the shipping box) and programmed for massive wealth accumulation and social success. To create the diamond entails the use of chaos magick, protracted radionic operations and frequencies funneled with the use of Quantum Star plates. This ensures the programming remains. For life.

Easy To Use

Simply pocket the diamond in the morning (you can leave the supportive accessories behind), close your eyes and fill your mind with everything you want to achieve that day. The spell requires just a split second of focus to channel your thoughts and the core programming into concrete, measurable results.

Walk into the world and go about your business. And notice the things that simply go your way.... everyday. Nothing else to do. You will make money with mind control simply by running into the right opportunities.

Measure Your Results

Count the wealth ideas that suddenly pop into your head. Or the amazing new people you meet who bring you to fantastic opportunities. Or the occasional insane guessing streaks that get you winning at chance games. Or the steady increase in your accounting balance sheets. And of course the bottomline cash on hand that gets... well... bottomless.

If your results don't mirror that in a few months, you get an unconditional money back. Guaranteed.

Be warned: very limited stock due to the enormous time required to create one unit!

Package Inclusions:

  • Sparkling Wealth Diamond

  • Accessories and charging plate

  • Social Success that will rapidly manifest  later on.

Free Shipping. Make that Change. Today






Make Money with Mind Magick. Make Money with the Wealth Diamond

Astral Projection. Law of Attraction Telepathy. Telekinesis. Remote Viewing. Death. Pranic Healing. Clairvoyance.

It's everything a radionics Mind Master Like yourself would need:

600+ pages of hard core technique. No fluff



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