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NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies
SPECIAL RADIONICS   NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies
NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies
NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies





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Psionics Explained

A Psionic Box is a tool of manifestation. In other words, it is a "wish machine."

Psionics is hard science; it  blends cutting edge technology with techniques of visualization such that  desires easily become reality.

Psychologists unanimously assert that  thoughts, when hardened with expectation and conviction, become self-fulfilling prophecies. They proved this fact in countless double-bind tests.

The technology of psionics allows the operator to FOCUS his thoughts on a desired outcome as well as to crystalize it with symbols and numerical representations. According to empirical observation, this alone is enough to increase probabilities to a favorable outcome.

Psionics, when boosted with chi generators are known as Radionic Boxes. These boxes carry powerful representations of a desired outcome AND energize it with a chi / orgone generator. According to Karl Welz,   founding father of Chi Generators, the infusion of this energy onto structural symbols of a desired outcome boost probabilities  close to 100%

Hence, radionic boxes can easily be thought of as Probability Boxes. They do not grant desires 100% of the time. Rather, they swing events in your favor by manipulating probabilities and opening opportunities of you.. It is then your task to seize these opportunities.









XtremeBooster 3

IMAGINE almost preternatural calm, overwhelming presence and a heightened sensory experience

The Power of Next Gen Tachyon technology. The Xtremebooster V3 consists of a special blend of ki radiating material decades beyond the primitive mix introduced by Wilhelm Reich. Developed in parallel to Karl Welz's unsurpassed amazing technologies, the V3 utilizes several innovations:

  • Aurumsolis for its highly energetic signature

  • Cascaded matrix of organics and inorganic micronized materials with the requisite crystalline forms. It's top shell is ultra dense graduating to a light base to allow proper chi processing as suggested by J. Logan

  • Sacred geometries enhance the quality of chi

  • Light reactive components doped into the mix to provide further stimulation.

  • Dual layer-  the bottom consists of a uniform density core and the top core utilizes the cascaded light reactive material. Best of both worlds

What does all this do for you?

More Bioavailable Chi Output. The inclusion of the new materials makes for an earthier, friendlier flow of tachyons. That means less agitation and more focus and warmth. Your moods go sky high

Superior Chi Flow without Electricity. The new composition makes the new cores just as active as the old cores found in the Serenity and Pulsar requiring active scalar and EMF stimulation. Now, even without external pulsing, the cores behave as though "always on"!

Utter Convenience. No need for batteries. You got the power wherever you go. With a 10m field radius, expect livelier sparkling ambience wherever you carry the disc. Airport safe! Now you won't fell airsick as you travel!




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