NLP persuasion techniques and objection mastery

NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies
Dzi Beads   NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies
NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies
NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies





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Unreal Synchronicities

Unstoppable Talismans of Power


Released July 11, 2012


Fusion of Psionics and Ancient Magic

The Egyptians were heralded as masters of magic back in the day. The magic they knew actually flows from real science. Think of the Pyramids. These powerful spots of power radiate a force that preserves and dehydrates anything kept within. A millenia ago, people thought it was magic. Today we know better. The golden ratio pyramid emits vertical negative green: a force which evacuates water and preserves molecular structure.

From the same Egyptians comes the Unreal Synchronicities Pendant. Based on ancient spell casting techniques utilized by this formerly nomadic race and fortified with modern days psionic orgone technology, the Unreal Synchronicities Pendant ensures that things always go your way. Always.


  • Fortifies the energy system with the V3 Orgonite disc.

  • Ward of stressors and negative energy up to 10 ft away.

  • Keep brainwaves in the optimal zone. Chi energy keeps you primed for alpha state thinking.

  • Enhance manifestation efforts. Your focus becomes laser sharp and vivid

  • Enjoy more lucid dreams.

  • Have things always go your way-  financially romantically, socially. The programming in the talisman is a derivative of egyptian spellwork and modern chaos magick. An entity is assigned to the disc and works for your unreal success even from other dimensions.

What to Expect

Imagine business ideas popping into your head. Creative ways of resolving problems. Running into people who bring you to higher social experiences. Transforming even your tiniest radionic tools into beacons of power. Radiating a charisma almost similar to that enjoyed by those with the power ruby. And finding parking slots at the zaniest places.

This Item Provided by A Third Party.  Limited Stock!

The pendants are provided by a master of Egyptian Lore. We obtain these in batches of five and enhance it with chaos magic and cutting edge tachyon discs.



Note: Availability is extremely scarce and we cannot guarantee supply as the core component is entirely dependent on a third party.


You must send us a picture of yourself during the ordering process for the creation of a structural link between you and the device. Please email it to our support staff.



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$149 only

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Astral Projection. Law of Attraction Telepathy. Telekinesis. Remote Viewing. Death. Pranic Healing. Clairvoyance.

It's everything a radionics Mind Master Like yourself would need:

600+ pages of hard core technique. No fluff

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