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PowerPendants No Longer Available

Radionically Charged Emblems of Power

The ancients knew something we are discovering only now: the power of shapes and how resonance positively affects living things. The following pendants are beautifully crafted in nickel-free pewter.

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  Shape Power: By virtue of their shape, these Celtic and Asian replicas emanate a force that theoretically resonates with the human biofield, thereby strengthening the human organism. According to accompanying write-up, these power forms reject negativity.

 Radionically Charged: We don't rely on the shape-power forms alone. We charge these objects on Welz RAD 2400HDs to permanently infuse them with chi energy..

Inconspicuous.  They're classy, delightful conversation pieces you can wear to a golf game!

Cost.:  These beautiful items cost US$39 retail, BUT for a single or bundle purchase which includes the following CD products, you get ONE random power pendant* FREE!!

* You may receive a power pendant not pictured here. We carry a vast line of these pendants

Participating products for the aforementioned pendants:

Extreme Power Level III  *   Kundalini Activator  *  Reality Matrix  *   Vanquisher Extreme  *  Any Bundle product that contains  any of the above.

Astral Projection. Law of Attraction Telepathy. Telekinesis. Remote Viewing. Death. Pranic Healing. Clairvoyance.

It's everything a Mind Master Like yourself would need:

600+ pages of hard core technique. No fluff

If you really want to purchase these pendants instead of receiving them free with a CD package:

US $29.00 only  (FREE SHIPPING)

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Free pendants with any order of MLF da Babe, MLF da Money and Aphrodite

Meta-Mind GiveAway Amulets

Meta-Mind Power Pendant

For the next 50 orders of participating Meta-Mind products, we are giving away the following precious Chinese amulets charged with the mighty J5 Radionic Manifestor Machine.


The Eight Sided Yin-Yang Pa-Kua / Quan Yin Amulet ($25)

This amulet in solid nickel-free pewter brings the protection from negative influences as well as harmony and balance. It takes the form of the Pa-Kua with the seven I-ching Trigrams surrounding it. In the center is the Yin-Yang symbol, which denotes the innate harmony and balance of the universe. Chinese characters for prosperity, luck and wealth inscribe the amulet. On the other side is Quan Yin (Lady Buddha). Quan Yin is believed to cleanse the environment of negative influences such as disruptive issues, illness and arguments and brings universal compassion and love.



The Double Dragon Amulet ($18)

The Dragon a universal archetype prevalent among many diverse ancient civilizations and is the ultimate symbol of absolute power. Dragons bring power and influence. Carrying this amulet in your person, or keeping it in your workplace brings you the archetypal energy of the dragon and gives you the power to vanquish all obstacles and enemies, as well as the energetic protection from any astral attack.


The Precious Gourd Amulet ($23)

The Precious Gourd is an ancient Chinese symbol of Longevity, Protection from negative energy and is used to turn bad health into good health. The Precious Gourd is also the emblem for the figure 8, which holds a lot of power in Feng Shui and Chinese Symbolism and brings good luck and prosperity to its bearer. The Precious Gourd is linked closely to the Eight Immortals of Chinese history, specifically Li T`ieh-kuai, who has the appearance of a beggar, and was a master magician.



The Real Scorpion Amulet ($37 )

This Scorpion Amulet features a real scorpion encapsulated in resin. Scorpions have been used as magickal protection and defense against adverse spells and radionic attacks directed against a person and have been known to reflect back these energies and ill-intents back to the source.

This pendant has a markedly exotic tribal flavor and can be matched with certain fashions and will definitely be a cool conversational piece.



These amulets and talismans will be shipped as a free gift for the next 50 orders of the following products or any bundle with these products : MLF da Babe, MLF da Money, Aphrodite Project.


By default, MLF da Babe and Aphrodite Project orders will be shipped with the Eight-Sided Yin-Yang Pa-Kua talisman charged with a "powerful attraction from the opposite sex" trend , while MLF da Money orders will be shipped with the Precious Gourd talisman charged with "Powerful Money Attraction" trend. Requests for the other two talismans (the Double Dragon and the Real Scorpion pendants) can be made by emailing Jobet Claudio @ [email protected] after the order is placed.


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