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NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies
Qi Gong NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies
NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies
NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies





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Infinity Pendant

Tibetan Power  for Prosperity Purification and Protection


Release Mar 10, 2013- PRE-SELLING NOW


Iron Clad Aura with 250,000 bovis

Seen Bruce Willis on Die Hard? How about Tom Cruise on Mission Impossible. Imagine how it would be like to have such ease of maneuver in any situation

Protection Prosperity Purification

The naturally powerful Infinity Ring is crafted by the same Tibetan artisans who brought the Unreal Synchronicities and tachyonized gems to the mainstream. The Infinity intertwines three rings, each one inscribed with a specific powerful mantra that unstoppably floods you with success.


The Karma Box

Wear the ring on any finger or a chain and you're already protected.  The artisans use strong oriental manifestation to ensure permanent link to high higher powers. The core emanations drive prosperity to you and your household in multiple pathways: social, career and relational. A potent side effect is the activation of intuition that gets you kicked in the right path for material power.

Coming with the ring is a Karma box that both energizes the ring beyond its initial limits and clears your aura of any negativity. Since the ring is also programmed for purification of the various energy bodies, you can envision a life of diminished physical maladies arising from psychic and material sources.


The Infinity Pendant

Emitting 250,000 bovis, multi-band energy on the Vesica scale, you can be sure that protection is always on tap as it propels you to situations of breathtaking success.


Meticulously Crafted on  Two Islands

The pendant is one of the more involved portable devices to date. Construction occurred in stages

Tibet: The ring and inscriptions  are crafted by Tibetan mystics. With their own brand of oriental programming, high bovis levels are ensured and can be tested with an egely wheel.

Exceed Global: The finalized pendant is paired with light/sound reactive tachyon V3 resonator to conduct a full band of bioavailable energy identified as life supporting.


What to Expect

Imagine perfection.

This Item Provided by A Third Party.  Limited Stock!

The pendants produced in stages. The first stage is completed in the Far East. The second in our labs.




Please email [email protected] for availability.

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