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Extreme Persuasion Techniques        Advanced Mind Sciences


Invest in your supremacy?  

Let me ask you... How VALUABLE is the power to INFLUENCE ANYONE?

Stop, and think about that a moment...

Have you easily glimpsed the unlimited potential -- the POWER YOU WIELD from being irresistibly magnetic?

Yes, you're right.... It's PRICELESS.


Name it...

Prestige... WEALTH... honor... stability... SEX.


Unstoppable influence is the key to achieving your goals, your dreams, your desires.... whatever YOU wish them to be.

Pause and feel  that for a moment. What will it be like to be UNSTOPPABLE? With our help, you will naturally throb with that UNBELIEVABLE PERSUASIVE power you've always desired...

Within days you will rapidly DISCOVER how EASILY you can  INFLUENCE your boss, your subordinate, your LOVER...

Almost like MAGIC! And that's GUARANTEED.

The VALUE of this information easily racks up to the thousands of dollars. Why?

Because with IRRESISTIBLE INFLUENCE, you can generate more than a thousand dollars INSTANTLY.

Imagine all the deals you can make and the negotiations you can direct! And not just that....

Visualize all the sizzling romance you can finally enjoy...


CAPTIVATE others and you SOLIDLY command your future.

Okay, you've seen the sheer scale of this tremendous package and the potential it represents. Now you want to know how much it's going to cost you

How much are you willing to invest to GAIN THIS POWER? Master NLP persuasion techniques and chi control

Well, here's a little secret. We normally offer each of the four workbooks at US$63.95 each. That totals to $255.80!

But I'm not going to ask you to pay $255.80 for this superb collection. Not even close!

When you invest in your copy of the 'The Extreme Power Level 1 you get all these FOUR great books, plus the downloadable mp3  for just $66.95!

Yes that's $66.95! About the same price as dinner and a movie...for one.

  • Ph.D of Persuasion...

  • Psychic Seduction...

  • Magnetic Attraction...

  • Lethal Tongue...

  • Seduction Harmonic

All FIVE  for one LOW Price!

Would you sacrifice a cheap dinner to wield this power? Our system is GUARANTEED and the INVESTMENT is priced at an unbelievable BARGAIN.

Invest in the power bundle, NOW, and you SAVE a breathtaking $188.85!

IMAGINE yourself reading those secrets TONIGHT and MESMERIZING your friends TOMORROW... What would it be like to instantly transform yourself into that dynamic man or woman you've always dreamed to be?

I can already imagine what FANTASTIC things are going through your mind.



And that's not all! Invest now and you ALSO get an armada of powerful business books. These were crafted by respected authors;  and we  decisively obtained the resell rights to them so you can immediately APPLY YOUR PERSUASION skills in the business world!. Take a look at the mountain of freebies we are giving away! Search the web, and you will readily find them retailing for at least $17 elsewhere... with us, you can have them as bonuses, FREE!!!

Bonus #1

Autoresponder Magic
by Yanik Silver

A New Resource That Can Help You Put Your Web Site's Sales On Autopilot.
A Massive Collection of Winning Autoresponder Messages to Model, Copy and Swipe.
Autoresponder Magic is a new ebook that contains some of the most successful and persuasive autoresponder messages ever written. It's jam-packed with autoresponder messages that have been proven to work by the top Internet


Bonus #2

The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Starting a Web Site by Milana Nastetskaya

If you don't have a web site and want to know what is involved in starting one, this is the book for you!  It covers things like what skills and equipment you need to have, what programs you need to get, how to sell on your web site and more.

Bonus #3

Million Dollar Emails
by Yanik Silver

The Greatest Collection of Moneymaking Emails Ever.

"Million Dollar Emails" is a new ebook that contains some of the most successful and persuasive emails ever written. It's jam-packed with real life emails that have been proven to work by the top Internet Pros and eCommerce leaders.

And, here's the best part, in many of the examples, you'll see the exact numbers and results from their campaigns. Response rates, sales figures, and other insider information all culled from their private records. This information has been totally confidential - until now.



Invest now, and immediately UNLOCK the POWER of covert influence,  irresistible attraction and mental dominance.

You can win right now.  BRING THE WORLD TO YOUR FEET!!





We support Freedom and Freedom of choice, but our freedoms end where the rights of others begin. Use these skills with discretion.


Need more information before proceeding?

   What's REALLY in it for YOU?



bsolute power. That’s the bottomline.

Imagine the ability to cast devastating spells spun from simple words… and exploiting those words to get what you desire… any desire.

Picture yourself striding to a negotiation table and holding the panel spellbound and powerless to your MAGNETIC delivery….

Visualize your friends trailing you for advice, comfort and support… they depend on you… they NEED you…

Or imagine gazing into your lover’s eyes, watching them sparkle, as you hear her deep, rhythmic breathing… while you whisper an IRRESISTIBLE proposal….

Stop, right now… and imagine the delicious POWER coursing down your spine… spawned from your newfound ability to persuade, influence and mesmerize

Give me five days and I’ll show you how to mesmerize  ANYONE and get what you WANT. 


In less time than it takes to pay your taxes, you will discover devastating techniques which easily allow you to:


*      TRIUMPH in tough negotiations using formidable verbal SNEAK ATTACKS... even if you have nothing substantial to say.

*      GAIN instant RESPECT and ADMIRATION with power methods of body language, subtle gestures and a SECRET power gaze with the eyes. Don Juan melted women with this technique.

*      MESMERIZE the opposite SEX with a devastating SENSUAL assault on their emotions. Learn breakthrough methods of AROUSING any feeling in a snap!

*      OVERWHELM all rejection like a slippery acrobat. Counter criticism and use it to YOUR advantage.

*      WIN FRIENDS from anyone on the street.. melt ice queens and grumpy cops. Instantly.

*      Enhance your verbal, and mental dexterity to CUTTING-EDGE levels. Debate like a PRO. Speak like a politician!

*      Irresistibly SELL any IDEA within minutes! Incite FEVERISH EMOTIONS. Make people think it was their very DESIRE...all within seconds!

*      Now... be the most influential person in your social circle! Take command without effort... and ALL else shall FOLLOW YOU.


You will find your social, business and romantic life taking a dizzying change. All for the better.

Doors of opportunity readily open… at your command!

Satisfy your secret desires…. to the full!

At but a whim, MOLD the OUTCOME of any personal relationship.

Transform yourself into an irresistible human dynamo of charismaNOW.

Savor the rush of power... 

For the small investment  of $66.95, wouldn't you reward yourself with a lifetime of happiness and success?

Stop... and consider the possibilities... What will your life be like if you don't take advantage of this amazing offer right now, before it won't be available any longer. Can you afford to miss out on this astounding opportunity?

Extreme Power System I ... your doorway to unlimited potentials!




FAQ and Important Order Details

The Books

1)Investment in the Extreme Power System I immediately  entitles you to Ph.D of Persuasion, Psychic Seduction, Lethal Tongue,  Magnetic Attraction and Seduction Harmonic. You also receive  FREE email support.

Adobe Acrobat Reader  is required to read the books. For those without it, Acrobat Reader V7 is available at

Downloading and Discounts

2)) Your investment of $66.95 entitles you to all four ebooks (in digital, downloadable PDF format). With approved purchase you will immediately receive a special email that contains a special unique, encrypted link to your downloads. That means you can start reading and listening right NOW! You will further receive the passcodes to this site which will allow you to access the bonus books such as Autoresponder Magic. Finally, we will  send an email containing your codes to enjoy a 40% discount on the Extreme Power System II, when you do purchase it in the future.

Download Format

3) The books and mp3 will be downloaded in .ZIP (compressed) format so your transfer time will be cut in half. Please ensure that you have Winzip. WinRAR or any other archiver program (free from so that you can easily extract and install the books into your PC. It is also recommended that InterNet Explorer 5+ be used to download the software.


4) To receive the books on CD-Rom, you will be billed an additional $12.95 + $2.00 shipping and handling. Higher S/H charges apply to those outside the USA. The CD-Rom will includes all four primary books: Ph.D, PS5, Magnetic Attraction and Lethal Tongue. The bonuses must be downloaded directly from the website. We will provide you the means to access them upon purchase.

5) The books are not available in print format. Your investment is for instant digital download, or CD-ROM

Your Security

6) Your order is securely processed by RegSoft Inc. a company based in 10820 Abbotts Bridge Road, Duluth, GA 30097, USA. Regsoft boasts exemplary expertise in secure online transactions to guarantee against theft, fraud, and other nightmares that you may encounter in less reputable sites. You may inquire about Regsoft here:  Our partnership with Regsoft further affords you the ease of ordering online, through check, PMO or even the telephone. For more information on these modes of easy payment, click on INVEST NOW.


 Iron Clad 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

100% Risk-Free Promise: Your success in using the ExtremePower System  is completely guaranteed. In fact, here's my 100% Better-Than-Risk -Free Guarantee:

    I personally guarantee that if you are not completely shocked at the results from this program after a full 90 days, and you honestly believe I haven't already transformed you into a more dynamic person,  then let  know and I'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund. Plus, the free bonus gifts are yours to keep regardless, just for your trouble.

You Just Keep Winning!

    That means you can try out all the material from the  ExtremePower System  at my risk, while you see if they work for you or not. And if these startling ideas don't produce, I honestly want you to ask for your money back. Furthermore,  I'll let you keep the free bonus gifts as my way of thanking you for giving our astounding system  a try.

    There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me. If you don't find your personal magnetism exploding  like a supernova using these proven, rock solid methods then I've failed, not you.

Now, empower yourself....



Applied NLP ebook: irresistible persuasion techniques, NLP and personality development

Psychic Seduction ebook:advanced ki control techniques,  psychic seduction and mind power techniques to attract women

Magnetic Attraction ebook: secrets of behavioral chemistry to attract women

Advanced NLP,neurolinguistic programming techniques,persuasion techniques,self-improvement methods

Altered brain state mp3

 Level I