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NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies subliminal programming CDs, NLP CDs, behavioral modification, self-hypnosis CDs, personality development CDs
subliminal programming CDs, NLP CDs, behavioral modification, self-hypnosis CDs, personality development CDs subliminal programming CDs, NLP CDs, behavioral modification, self-hypnosis CDs, personality development CDs SUBLIMINAL CDs NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies
NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies subliminal programming CDs, NLP CDs, behavioral modification, self-hypnosis CDs, personality development CDs



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Chakra and Brainwave Frequency List:

The special CDS we use deploy many of these researched frequencies*  to expand your psychic and mental faculties


Click for more info on how brainstates affect your well-being

List compiled from various sources

0.1-1 Organ and muscle resonances

0.1-3 Delta range, - deep sleep, lucid dreaming, increased immune functions, hypnosis  ; Decreased awareness of the physical world.

0.512 - Extraordinary states of consciousness, high states of meditation, ecstatic states of consciousness, high-level inspiration states, spiritual insight, out-of-body experiences,

0.5 - very relaxing, against headache  , for lower back pain   ; Thyroid, reproductive, excretory stimulant, whole brain toner  

0.5-1.5 Pain relief

0.5-4 Low Delta range, Deep dreamless sleep, trance, suspended animation  ; Anti-aging. Reduces amount of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress & aging. Increases the levels of DHEA (anti-aging)

0.9 Euphoria  

1-3 - Delta: deep, dreamless sleep, trance state,; profound relaxation, restorative sleep, feelings of tranquility and peace

1.0 - Feeling of well-being, pituitary stimulation to release growth hormones  

1.5 Abrahams Universal Healing Rate  

1.8 Sinus Congestion seems to clear centering around

2.0 Nerve regeneration

2.06 Associated with coccyx (small triangular bone at end of the spinal column)

2.30 Associated with genitals

2.57 Associated with bladder

2.67 Associated with intestines

3.07 Associated with hara (3cm or 1.5 inch below navel)

3 - 4 Influences physical vision  

3 - 6 Childhood awareness/vivid memories

3 - 8 Theta Range ; deep relaxation, meditation, increased memory, focus, creativity, lucid dreaming, hypnagogic state  

3.4 - Sound sleep

3.5 - Accelerated language retention;  Wholebeing regeneration, DNA stimulation

3.5-7.5 - Theta Range daydreaming: fantasizing, switching thoughts, drowsiness; Theta is strong during internal focus, meditation, prayer. It promotes learning and memory when functioning normally.

3.84 Associated with ovaries

4-7 - Theta Range : recall, fantasy, imagery, creativity, e psychic abilities, & retrieving unconscious material.; bursts of inspiration, twilight sleep learning, deep relaxation, reverie, high levels of awareness, vivid mental imagery.

4.0 - 8.0 HZ Theta State present in dreaming sleep, deep meditation, storehouse of creative inspiration, spiritual connection, subconscious mind; creative insight, twilight ("sleep") learning, vivid mental imagery.

4.0 - Extrasensory perception  ; Astral Projection, Telepathy,

4.11 Associated with kidneys (Effects=strength)

4.5 Shamanic State Of Consciousness/Tibetan Buddhist Chants

4.5-6.5 Wakeful dreaming, vivid images  

4.6 Associated with spleen & blood (Effects=Emotional Impulse)

4.9 - Introspection  ; Induce relaxation, meditation, & deeper sleep  

5.0 - 10.0 Relaxation  

5.14 Associated with stomach (Effects=Emotional Acceptance)

5.35 Associated with lungs (Effects=Oxygen, Heat)

5.8 (reduce) Fear, Absent-mindedness, Dizziness  

6.0 - long term memory stimulation  

6.0 - 10.0 Creative Visualization - about 6hz for a while, then up to 10hz  

6-9.6 Somatic Responses, tingling, pressure, heat  

6.15 Associated with heart (Effects=love,warmth)

6.30 Hz - Mental & astral projection; accelerated learning & increased memory retention.; (reduce) Anger + Irritability  

7.0 - 8.0 Healing

7.0 - Mental & astral projection, bending objects, psychic surgery; Increased Reaction Time  

7.5 - Inter-awareness of self & purpose; guided meditation; creative thought for art, invention music, etc.; contact with spirit guides for direction; entry into meditation  ;

7.8 Schumann Resonance , ESP activation    

7.8-8 Stimulates ESP, paranormal  powers

7.83 - Earth Resonance, grounding: Schumann Resonance; anti-jetlag, anti-mind control, improved stress tolerance  ; psychic healing experiments  ; pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone; Earth Resonance Frequency - 'leaves you feeling revitalized like you've spent a day in the country

8-8.6 Reduced Stress/Anxiety  

8.0-10.0 learning new information Alpha

8.0-12.0 Low Alpha range  - light relaxation, "super learning", positive thinking.  ; Conducive to creative problem solving, accelerated learning, mood elevation, stress reduction, etc., characterized by intuitive insights, creative "juice", inspiration, motivation, daydreams etc. Relaxed, yet alert; Associated with calm, relaxed, unfocused (not concentrating), lucid mental states, dream sleep & pleasant drifting feelings or emotions. ; promotes mental resourcefulness, aids in mental coordination, enhances relaxation,

8-14 - Qi Gong and infratonic Qi Gong machine

8.0 - Past life regression, DNA repair (RAD-6)  ; Associated with Base/Muladhara chakra (Color=Red)

8.22 Associated with mouth (Effects=speech, creativity)  

8.6-9.8 Induces sleep, tingling sensations  

9.0 - 13.0 High Alpha Range  - relaxed, not thinking about anything in particular, sometimes a pleasurable feeling of "floating". Often dominant in certain kinds of meditation, alpha waves have for the past twenty years been associated with calm, lucid mental states (the "alpha state"). 9.0 

14.0 Extremely High Alpha range  - Relaxed & detached awareness, visualization, sensory imagery, light reverie. Also, gateway to meditation - provides bridge between the conscious & subconscious mind.

9.41 - Pyramid frequency

9.6 - Mean dominant frequency associated with earth's magnetic field

9.8-10.6 Alertness  

10 - Enhanced release of serotonin & mood elevator, universally beneficial, use to try effects of other mixes  . Associated with Solar Plexus/Manipura chakra (Color=Yellow)

10-12: HIGH ALPHA RANGE - centering, healing, mind/body connection

10-14 Dream/sleep spindles  

10.2 Catecholamines

10.3 Associated With Nasal Passages (Effects=breathing, taste)  

10.5 - Frequency for healing of body, mind/body unity, firewalking; potent stabilizer & stimulating for the immunity, valuable in convalescence.   Relaxed alertness, contemplation, body healing, mind over matter   Lowering Blood Pressure; Associated with Heart/Anahata chakra (Color=Green)

10.6 - Relaxed & alert

10.7 Associated with ears  

11.0  Stress Reduction

11-14 Focused alertness  

11.0  Achieve "relaxed yet alert" states.

12.0 - Centering, doorway to all other frequencies  ; frequency of earth resonance.  Associated with Throat/Vishuddha chakra (Color=Blue)

12.0-36.0 Beta Range  - dominant brainwave in alert/awake/anxious adults with their eyes open. Comes into play when "listening & thinking during analytical problem solving, judgment, decision making, processing information about the world around us."

12.0-14.0 Learning Frequency - Good for absorbing information

12.0-15.0 Low Beta  - relaxed focus, improved attentive abilities; Treating Hyperactivity   ; Sensorimotor Rhythm  - Used in the treatment of mild autism

13-30 - Beta Range - Normal wakefulness, the taking in & evaluating of various forms of data received through the senses. It's present with worry, anger, fear, hunger & surprise. Waking state, motivation, outer awareness, survival, problem solving, arousal, dendrite growth, combats drowsiness  ; Conscious Thinking, Autonomic Processes & Emotions

13.0 - Alleged sphincter resonance; Associated with Brow/Ajna chakra (Color=Indigo/Violet) (Body Parts=Pituitary,Lower Brain, Left Eye, Ears, Nose, Nervous System)(Effects=Visualization, Conceptualization)(Note=A)

13.8 - Associated with Frontal Lobes (Effects=the seventh sense, final decision)  

14-16 - associated with sleep spindles on EEG during second stage of sleep

14-15 - Slows conditioned reflexes  

14.0-30.0 - Beta Range  - This pattern is optimal for intense mental activities such as calculations, linear logical analyses & other highly structured functions

14.0 - Awake & alert; Alert focusing, vitality, concentration

15-24 Euphoria  - tones between 18 HZ & 21 HZ create very pleasant results like a jogger's high.

15 - Chronic pain  ; Sound which bypasses the ears for sublimination (auditory cortex)  ; Associated with Crown/Sahasrara chakra (Color=Violet/White) (Body Parts=Pineal, Upper Brain, Right Eye)(Effects=Integration of personality & spirituality.)

15.4 - Associated with Cortex  

16.4 Associated with top of head (Effects=spirit, liberation, transcendence)   

18.0-22.0 - Beta: outward awareness.

18.0+ Beta (high) - fully awake, normal state of alertness, stress & anxiety; Significant improvements in memory, reading & spelling are reported

20.0 - fatigue, energize. Causes distress during labor.

27 - 44 Frequency range that cats purr at - said to have restorative effects on the body, particularly the 'healing and strengthening of bones'

31.32 Pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone; helps muscles recover from injuries, rejuvenation effects)

33 Christ consciousness, hypersensitivity, Pyramid frequency (inside)  

35 Awakening of mid-chakras, balance of chakras

38 Endorphin release

39.0 Schumann Resonance

40-60 Anxiolytic effects & stimulates release of beta-endorphines   

43 - 193 Carcinomatosis  

50-60 Documented negative effects

55.0 - Yoga; stimulates the kundalini.

83 Third eye opening for some people

108 Total knowing

110.0 Frequency associated with stomach.

256.0 Root Chakra

273.0 Transpersonal Chakra

315.0 - Diaphragm Chakra

320.0 - Solar Plexus Chakra

341.0 - Heart Chakra

416.0 - Psychic Center Chakra

448.0 - Third Eye Chakra

480 - Crown Chakra

2675 - "The Crystal Resonator". A subharmonic of the frequency of quartz crystal. Extremely effective for charging and clearing quartz crystals .   Activates aspects of the auric field. 

5000-8000 HZ turbo-charges your braincells.

9999 - General vitality & energy  

*These frequencies are derived from experimental research conducted by independent scientists from 1950 to 2004 and culled into this list.


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