XtremeCaster Ultra – 64 Godcasters

Control 64 Godcasters with 10 Simultaneous Trends- and More

Xtreme Caster Ultra

If you’ve tried the 2014 XtremeCaster  and loved the results- you’ll love the final Xtreme Caster Ultra. Based on scores of feedback and a desire to excel, we have overhauled the Xcaster engine and come up with the XtremeCaster Ultra
You’ll cast ten times more wishes  in 100% less time. You’ll have access to sizzling energy libraries- including the etheric formulation of the Lust Ruby and Wealth Diamond (yes you can make your mug emanate some of the vibes of a lust ruby). You’ll funnel powerful energetic music through 6 engines.

And here’s the best part: the XtremeCaster will be fueled by 64 decomissioned GodCaster Ultras allowing up to 1000 simultaneous users at any single time without loss of energy. How powerful is that? The next time you have a flu- run a viral blasting operation and see what happens.

The original XtremeCaster started out with the support of 2 Godcasters which then expanded to 30.Xtreme Caster Ultra Power

The 2017 XtremeCaster Ultra does everything the original does plus the following:

  • Command 10 Trend Casting consoles over the original 6 of the Xcaster. You can run ten trends on one target!
  • Select between Enochian, Santeria or Wiccan magickal influence. Tailor the outcome with precision.
  • Run the special Xcaster Chakra Optimization Music before the software itself to ensure full energetic alignment. Boost success rate by 80%
  • New Turbo Function – higher power draw than the original
  • Several channeled Enochian XSigils which by itself radiates tremendous power- based on angelic energy.
  • New Xcaster Higher Energy Frequencies
  • Embedded Talismanic energy of Solomon (overt) with Wiccan, Santerian, Ascension Seats and Chaos (covert)
  • 64 Godcaster control- yes you will feel the awesome power flow

How to Use the New XtremeCaster Ultra


  1. Download the package to your computer. The ZIP file will contain folders including the main APK file, several Energy Symbol and Energy Music Folders
  2. Copy all the folders to the SD Card of your Android Phone except for the Xcaster Chakra Optimizer folder which remains on your PC.
  3. Navigate to your phone’s SD Card and run the XtremeCaster APK.  Some may run into an error asking whether to install from Unknown Sources. Say Yes.
  4. The files will then be installed
  5. Send in a photo of your phone with the XtremeCaster running for the full link up to the 64 Godcaster Array. Email here . Without this ritual, the XtremeCaster Ultra will not draw from the remote energy generators and will draw from its own algoritmh- as well as your own.

EASY Usage

  1. (optional) Before starting the Xtreme Caster Ultra, fire up the energy video on your PC from the folder Xcaster Chakra Optimizer. Still yourself and watch the screen. This special video uses imagery with sacred geometry and high energy music to align your chakras. Wait till the go-signal flashes to use the XtremeCaster. You will be in a perfect state of attunement.
  2. Launch the XtremeCaster Ultra
  3. You will find ten Trend/Wish consoles at the top with the imagery of the various Pentacles of Solomon bearing default energy programs. You can leave these at default, or click each one to supply your own symbols of desire. The default programs are already chained to you upon the linkup in the previous steps
  4. Once done, scroll down and click on the target image to supply a symbol or photo of the recipient of the wishes.
  5. Click on MUSIC or the TONE Generator to supply the frequency which generated chi and magic will mimic. Your folders includes several high energy music that blends not just solfeggio and isochronics but also ancient chants. I recommend using the music option.
  6. Click on Psi or Physical Button to further modulate the algorithm. Psi is best for the creation of things or influence of events. You will need phsyical  for physical healing or damage. Psi is the best option for the average operation.
  7. (Optional) Click on Santeria, Wicca or Enochian buttons to invoke a special program which creates an appeal to specific entities enamored by the Godcaster Array. The Enochian operation invokes the power of 4 Archangels Michael Uriel Gabriel and Anael. This step is best used by those familiar with these unique branches of magic. I would recommend Wicca for general purpose magic, Santeria for coercive magic and Enochian for protection healing and salvation.
  8. Focus once more on your desire, seeing things as already happening. Intone “I command my wishes now true” then click the Generate button. Special numbers certifying the existence of your desires will appear.
  9. Say “So be it” with force and click on the Start button. The software will proceed a power draw from its internal psionic programming as well as the Godcasters
  10. Do you have severe need for faster results? Press the Turbo button 7x in rapid successsion,  pause, then tap twice again. This gives 1000% power draw

Testimonial by Customer Josh

from:jvanwoesik . <[email protected]>
to:Jane Strauss <[email protected]>
date:Tue, May 2, 2017 at 5:30 AM
subject:Re: XmCaster questionmailed-by:gmail.comsigned-by:gmail.comencryption:
Standard (TLS) Learn moreXtremeCaster Ultra - 64 Godcasters:Important mainly because of the people in the conversation.

Update. Hi there Jane, Joey and XM crew! The energy from this XMcaster app is like taking a step back 10 years where I had the world at my feet with limitless possibilities. Im not sure if the idea of having the xmcaster in my pocket leads to me energy peak or what. But as I work with the energies, from day to day, I just feel younger with vigor. It gave me the vigor to get my ass up and I started exercising again daily. Im now inspiring others with a real helping hand! I now have a set group of people I help every day through this app. Some customers, some family and close friends who are dear to me. Theres something to be said about knowing you have the upper hand in the every day bs that comes your way.

Please keep up the phenomenal work you guys are doing for humanity! I have so much appreciation for your work and continue to spread the word of your product as  a first hand witness of the empowerment your products provide.



Xtreme Caster Ultra Walkthrough

$550 for The Xtreme Caster Ultra (One time activation required to draw power from 64 Godcasters)

via Etsy (all countries):
XtremeCaster Ultra - 64 Godcasters




or via Selz (not available in the EU):



700MB of energy music, channeled emblems and egregores included.

XtremeCaster Ultra - 64 Godcasters XtremeCaster Ultra - 64 Godcasters XtremeCaster Ultra - 64 Godcasters XtremeCaster Ultra - 64 Godcasters