XtremeCaster Psionic Mind Machine

Note: The 2017 XtremeCaster Ultra is now available. Click here

If you’ve tried UltraPsionics and were floored by the results- it’s time for a heart attack. Our final release in the exciting line of manifestation software for 2014 is here.
You’ll cast six times more wishes  in 100% less time. You’ll have access to sizzling energy libraries- including the etheric formulation of the Lust Ruby and Wealth Diamond (yes you can make your mug emanate some of the vibes of a lust ruby). You’ll funnel powerful energetic music through 4 engines.

And here’s the best part: the XtremeCaster will be fueled by 2 decomissioned GodCaster Ultras allowing up to 250 simultaneous users at any single time without loss of energy. How powerful is that? The next time you have a flu- run a viral blasting operation and see what happens.

Take a peek under the hood

XtremeCaster Specifications:

  • Runs on Android platforms with 1.2Ghz  minimum. 1.5Ghz recommended. JellyBean or KitKat OS recommended.
  • Includes psionic energy music library
  • Includes psionic symbols
    • Standard Pentacles
    • Standard Hebraic
    • Ethereally channeled Chaos Sigils for every purpose imaginable – very powerful. You will feel a rush from these.Includes the famed Pheromone Generator sigil we’ve released in special workshops. Includes also the energetic formulation for the Lust Ruby and Wealth Diamond
  • 6-Core Ether Engine: Cast six operations at once. 600% the power of the UltraPsionic Caster.
  • Casting Engine: Psi and Physical operations. Fine tuning of energy flow.
  • Reality Engine: Embedded with direct link to a decomissioned Godcaster Ultra Array. Hence even without your own chi generator, your copy will tap the powerful forces of a 2014 Godcaster Ultra
  • TurboEngine : Pump out the energy at 4X the rate- for those sticky situations.
  • Frequency Generator Engine: Highly precise frequency generator with wave modulation. Use any chakra frequency, solfeggio tone or organ resonance musc: exquisite for healing or viral eradication.
  • File format: APK- to be downloaded by you for installation. ANDROID Only
  • Fully compatible with all radionic devices: Welz, Ultramind, Metamind.
  • Fully compatible with Imprinting plates and Quantum Stars
  • You can blank the screen and the app will run- pumping massive raw power to your desires.

xtreme caster android

We received a pile of testimonials from the early release.

Here’s one:

xtremecaster testimonial

More great fun
Only via Payza or TinyPass $450

xtremecaster works

The 2017 XtremeCaster Ultra is now available. Click Here

**Note: This software requires a one-time manual activation from our end after purchase (instructions provided) to provide full power.

$450 for XtremeCaster Standard

via Etsy (all countries):
XtremeCaster Psionic Mind Machine


or via Selz (not available in the EU):




Your Summary of Your Benefits

  • 600% of the strength of UltraPsionic
  • Fully mobile casting software which you can run on your PC with an emulator.
  • 5 Engines of power
  • Sweeping energy symbolic egeregores used by our magi in chaos magick operations
  • Link to Godcaster Ultra Array – support up to 250 simultaneous users. It’s great for those who have no budget for a $16,000.00 machine.