Hoodoo Protection and Attack Magick Compendium : How to Do Black Magic Love Spells, Protection Spells and More

-submitted by Mandy Sanchez

For 35 years, we sold some of the most powerful love spells, dark spells and protection spells in the world. Curious? Check out the compendium here. (and yes, we’ve been featured on BBC for this)

Today, you enjoy a peek into the secrets of our success- so you can create powerful magic yourself.

The very utterance of the term “Voodoo doll” probably evokes more visions in the mind’s eye than any other in the modern vocabulary. It doesn’t matter whether pentagramyou’re a magical practitioner. It doesn’t matter if you believe in magic. Regardless of your spiritual path or what you hold true, it still conjures up visions of dark, steamy bayous and oak trees dripping with Spanish moss, a weathered old Swamp Witch stabbing pins into an effigy, and a magic so powerful that nothing—not even the Gods—can alter its course.

But does that sort of black magic really exist? And if so, is it still viable in today’s modern world? More to the point, though, can someone really learn how to use it effectively?

It does. It is. And you can.

Black Magic Curses: Dark Spells

To start with, doll magic has a head start over other types. Why? Because the doll—in and of itself, regardless of shape or form—holds a magic all its own. It’s a silent, timeless, irresistible force to which no one—not toddler, nor teen, nor even adult—is immune. It tugs at our emotions and urges us to care for the doll, dress it, and occasionally, even confide in it. And since that sort of emotional response is the driving force behind all magic, it’s little wonder that Conjure Folk find the doll to be such an indispensable basis for their curse workings. They simply add the proper herbs, oils, symbols, charms, and personal items, couple those with firm intent and focus, and—voila!—wind up with a spell so potent, it will stop at nothing to hit its mark. It’s quick and easy—and exactly the kind of magic geared to today’s busy lifestyles.

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