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Advice or magic in a situation about a specific person?

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Advice or magic in a situation about a specific person?
what kind of charge does this website have?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2014 7:50 pm    Post subject: Advice or magic in a situation about a specific person? Reply with quote

He lived hours away at the time we met but said he came into town often on weekends. From Nov last year to March this year, no communication, but then in March he emailed to inquire about seeing me. He had moved to about 45 min of me. Yet when I emailed back that he was welcome, he didn't follow up. Then he emailed again in April to ask for my number that he lost. I sent it but he didn't call. Then I emailed him in May to encourage him more. For this, he responded in texting me sexually and talking about meeting on a Sunday, which when the day came, he didn't text that day and didn't pursue that plan since that. I admit I entertained the sexting although it had made me nervous and I would have preferred it to be just a sweet friendly plan to get together. He was the one who dropped the ball and didn't make it happen anyway. He had moved closer by then and so I saw him where he works at a place I shop at on Saturdays... said hi and such and he looked as if I were a stranger the first time. The next time he was friendly.

And it has gone back and forth from him not speaking to acting friendly. He has seen me at music events and even greeted me when I didn't see him first. I chose to be bold again and emailed him to which he replied he could really deal with that and we should get together. He also mentioned he had moved again and was now even closer, only about 30 min from me.. none were set up though. So last time at market he stared at me as if scared and then complimented someone across the way, saying nothing to me, and allowing the other person working with him to complete the transaction...

This upset me and I emailed him to say I felt awkward and if he was uncomfortable I didn't have to visit his station... he didn't reply so I thought about it and said I apologize No reply again and I was wishing I hadn't sent those emails at all... And he saw me at another concert and didn't come say anything, nor did I expect it...

I would love for it to be easy and to talk to him easily and if he desires a massage he can set it and get it. there have been some dates with other guys, and even though they were handsome and other good things, I hardly felt any chemistry.

So is there any clearing that could help him communicate with me and have some actual follow through with desire in real interactions?
What works?
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