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Are you a beginner to magic? If you demand magic spells that work immediately you can always hire professionals like the famous Xtreme Casters to bring you the wealth and love you seek. The other option is to cast spells on your own. Raising energy and creating results can be very rewarding.

This page is the virtual magic spell shop- everything you need to create black magic spells, santeria love casts or protection cylinders are on this page. Just select the operation you require and follow the helpful guide.

Take note: you need a basic understanding of energy and sigils. For a primer, read this, this and this.

Real Prosperity Magic Spells that Work

Wealth and Prosperity Spells

Prosperity spells may be the easiest to achieve. The key to prosperity inculcating a sense of both worthiness for the better perks of life, and wrapping that sensation with real energy. The average spell caster or manifestor will insist on complex rituals, but the way I see it, complexity stifles the energy flow. Keep it simple.

  • Adapt a sense of calm and sit cross legged facing the sunset. Close your eyes.
  • Flood yourself with a sense of gratefulness for what you have and for what is already coming. This is key: assume that wealth is already coming.
  • Keep the Zonabra talisman printed and close to your hara. We’ve created this sigil a long time ago and created it asn an egregore for all things good and prosperous. The talisman will provide half the energy to your desires.
  • Reach out with your right hand grasping an ethereal image of your desire while keeping your left hand on your hara. Feel yourself reeling in the sum total of your prosperous desires into yourself. What was far and distant becomes clear, distinct and life sized. Feel the entire beauty of your desires surround you like a vibrant mist.
  • Connect to the earth core to ground the new reality into your field. As you bask in the radiance of your wishes, feel roots grow from your feet and sacral area, reaching into the center of the planet. This simple visualization grounds you and closes an etheric circuit. You lock the reality into this plane.

How effective is the prosperity magic spell? I’ve personally used this for more than a decade- with and without the aid of psionic tools or external aid. It always yields and outcomes are visible in just days.

Real Love Magic Spells that Work

Love Magic Spells that Work

Of what is use if all that wealth and power with no one to share it with? Love is the world’s most desired goal. For that reason many who dabble in magic divert a lot of energy to love spells that work.

Today we look at white magic spells derived from our famous psychic seduction to create an amorous field of power between you and your loved one.

The key to our brand of love spell is the same as that of the previous wealth spells: good vibes wrapped in a cocoon of nurturing energy.

  • Calm yourself and remain seated comfortably. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply and slowly to raise internal energy. Start chanting sonapsehihe 33 times. This is one of our most powerful Santeria love chants that invokes the power of ascended beings aligned with love goals. This chant alone will dispose with the need for things like pheromones or NLP conversational hypnosis. Alternatively, you can raise the encoded energy of meta love by playing our free Ecstasy MP3. An alternative is our recording of the Santeria Lust Chant.
  • Imagine your loved one seated next to you. Lovingly hold her hands. Physically move your palms to intertwine her fingers. Flood her with unconditional love, not lust. Your palms will throb.
  • Commence a conversation with her. Start with open ended queries of her days. Hear her answers (and you will!) Gaze deeply into her eyes (the more vivid your visualization, the faster the result). Hug her as you converse, and reach your right hand deep into her chest. Feel that you are grasping the core of her being. Eventually, you will perceive each other as bodies of glowing balls of light- her real form and your real from.
  • Phsyically reach in. Whisper  accolades of love while alternating with whispers of sonapsehihe.
  • At a certain point, you will feel a strong resistance. This is the point to ground with the earth core. Replicate the method from the Prosperity spell.

I’ve taught this method over the past decade and have witnessed 100%  success rate. Sometimes, one session is enough to invoke a sudden call from your loved one from far far away.

Protection Spells That Work

Protection Spells That Work

You protect your home and your assets with a ferocity. You ought to protect your soul with the same passion.

Shielding your fields is easier than you think. For basic energy dispersal the following method should keep you free from weak negativity (but if you face demonic elementals, you need help)

  • Every morning upon arising, stand tall facing the sun. Close your eyes.
  • Reach out with your index finger and imagine drawing a glowing circle around yourself.
  • Command 7 times: “I summon and command my higher self to sustain this shield and protect me from all that wills me harm. Back to you all evil!”
  • Now raise both hands and see a tower of light rising from the circle and reaching into the heavens.
  • Say “So be it.” Physically brush off “negative lint” from your body,
  • Ground yourself to the earth core.

How Long Does It Take To Master Magic?

There’s a myth going around that it takes years to fully master the flow of etheric energy. Nothing can be further from the truth. Master the three spells on this page- all it takes is a month- and your attunement to higher powers will grow by leaps and bounds. In less than six months, you’ll wield control over even earth wind and fire.

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