Did you know that scalar waves are terribly harmful to human beings? Back in the day , circa 1999 , the orgonite community proposed the famous succor punch. It was postulated that a crystal wrapped in mobious coils and pulsed with current would radiate healing scalar energy. The device looked like this:
Attack Wand Scalar

Other variants included:
Attack wand dark

And I particularly liked this one

Attack Wand Psionics

These devices are pretty to look at and they do work. The challenge was, they worked opposite what they were intended. Wrapping mobious coils around a crystal and zapping the pathway with electricity resulted in scalar waves that damaged cells and the etheric body.

These aren’t healing tools. They’re attack tools.

For those demanding proof, the Vesica Energy Pendulum detected a lot of negative green energy from such devices. It’s the kind of negative life force that can lower cognition , intellect and immunity. EMF detectors also confirm the same.

Now while these devices can’t heal, they can destroy. Remember what Karl Welz said? Energy can act a distance. Attacking an individual simply requires.

  • Focusing on the target for a split second.
  • Aiming the device at a symbol of the target
  • Pouring negative emotion at the target as though he was there.

At that very moment, you’ve pushed a copious amount of scalar waves at the target- even if he were sitting on the loo halfway around the world. Yes. Dark Psionics works and scalar energy is one of the ingredients of this illicit activity.

Interested in knowing the mechanics behind orgone, scalars and it’s action at a distance? This excellent How-To Guide by Jon Logan will walk you through the process. Written back in 2005, it’s still an amazing resource.

Download the Field Pulser Guide

The Modern Age of Dark Psionics

The Middle Ages deserves a special place in memory as the time of witches, necromancers and warlocks. People with black intent often resorted to the invocation of dark energies to secure power, position and wealth. Others used dark energy to kill. Are you familiar with Faust? He’s the most notorious of dark magicians. He resorted to the Devil for his power.

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