Did you know you can influence people with four words of power? It’s a tactic known by salesmen, politicians and con men.

Why four words? The Four Words of Power are perfect for covert hypnosis because they can sip by unnoticed and open the doors into trance without anyone realizing what‟s happening.  The secret language of hypnosis is all about being subtle, and not alerting the target to start paying attention. What gives even more power is that all you need are these four words.

The Four Words of Power are: “as”, “because”, “and” and “means”. With those four words you can create an unbroken, seamless chain of ideas, and flow so smoothly from one idea to another the no one will realize you‟re making the transitions.

What’s the rationale:

What the Four Words of Power are doing is creating a linguistic bridge, or language bridge to link one concept with another.

The second thing that linguistic bridges do is to connect things so you make an association between things that people agree with and things they might not agree with until you present them in this way.

When choosing words, ask yourself, “Do they create linguistic bridges? Do they help to flow or move from one idea to another or to link or combine one idea with another idea?

Here’s a demonstration of a Covert Hypnosis Induction with the theme of relaxation with Words of Power.

I find relaxation an interesting thing, because as you relax it means that relaxation is a natural part of the way you think and behave, as everyone know how to relax physically. It’s interesting that people don’t think about how they relax mentally, because when you relax physically you also will find yourself relaxing mentally. The opposite is also true. When you relax mentally, many people find their body relaxing more and more completely without even thinking about it. Just because you think about relaxation it means you can relax more and more fully.

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