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aura control, chi control, ki control, biofield meridians
aura control, chi control, ki control, biofield meridians




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BioStimulator Neutralizer

Experience a breakthrough Aura charging device: ENERGY in SECONDS!

Your Benefits: Just clip it to your pocket on and zapaura charger, aura protecter, energy booster, mood booster away your stress, boost your energy levels and unleash amazing states of well-being!  The Biostimulator Neutralizer provides the following clinically proven benefits for as long as you wear it:

  • Biostim-N helps regulate the human electrical biofield. It controls biofield activity and boosts your energy! The BioStim-N provides an energy rush for empowered health.

  • Biostim-N creates a protective aura around the body and prevents lower energy biofields from being suppressed by those with a higher charge.

  • Biostim-N enhances resistance against electromagnetic fields, ultra-high frequencies, magnetic storms and the specific radiation from the Earth and outer space. Work at your computer with less strain!

  • Biostim-N enshrouds you with an excellent relaxing effect.

  • Biostim-N rapidly helps to reduce stress.

  • Results from medical researches have proved that the Biostim-N has a definite positive effect in patients suffering from hypertensive decease, diabetes mellitus (the non-insulin dependent type), neuroses, dislipidaemia and low glucose tolerance. It removes headache, improves sleep and relaxes your body.

Low Price: US$ 23.95 It's less the current international selling price of US$24.95 

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Note: Hydroloc LLC is the manufacturer of the Biostimulator-N. For any technical support on the product, kindly visit them at




In 1992 we performed a 4-week randomised intervention study investigating the effect of Biostim-N on 320 volunteers. The following groups were formed:

1. 205 participants with arterial hypertension (I-II grade);
2. 170 participants with Diabetes mellitus type II type;
3. 73 participants with neurosis.

We applied the method of the stratified randomisation with a control group of 81 patients on Biostim-N -"placebo". This gave us the opportunity to conduct a "double-blind trial, so that neither the patients, nor the observers knew who of the patients was in the experimental group and who was in the control group. The results we achieved were more than encouraging:

  • Biostim-N lowered the blood pressure of 74.4% of the patients in the experimental grop suffering from arterial hypertension;

  • Biostim-N caused decreasing or disappearance of headache of 76.5% of the patients;

  • the laboratory tests of 97.5% of the patients with Diabetes II type showed lowered or normalized levels of blood sugar after the application of the Biostim-N (all of the women had lower level of blood sugar).

In the first week we observed positive influence of Biostim-N on the participants in both groups (the experimental and the control group). Every next week as the trial went on the positive effect of the Biostim-N was expanding in the experimental group and was decreasing in the control group. In the fourth week of the study the differences between the two groups grew bigger (more than twice) and were statistically significant. The effect of Biostim-N was greatest in patients, who used it for 12 hours a day.
My qualification and experience as a physician enables me to claim that Biostim-N is a very useful adiuvant therapy for the first stages of the above-mentioned diseases or for diagnostically unclear conditions caused by excessive psychic strain.

Dr. Krassimir Kushev,
Assistant Professor, MD, MPH,
National Center of Public Health


For 7-8 years of practice in applying the Biostim-N on patients with persistent headache (with no evidence for cerebral trauma), Cervical Spondylosis, Dystomia of Autonomic Nervous System, Arterial Hypertension grade I, but still lacking pathological changes of organs and systems, approximately 75% of the patients have reported positive effect of Biostim-N.

The extrasystoles in some of the patients suffering from extrasystolic type of arrhythmia (caused by Autonomic Nervous System) have disappeared definitively. When Biostim-N was applied at least 22 days and up to 6 months, positive effect was registered in 50% of the patients with distinct neurasthenic complaints, persistent insomnia at nights and lower exercise capacity at daytime..
My long experience as a physician (30 years of practice) lets me conclude that Biostim-N is good adiuvant therapeutic and preventive tool to be used by patients suffering from the above mentioned diseases.

Dr. Boris Hristov
MBAL "Alexandrovska",
Central Consultative & Diagnostic Department
Consultant in Internal Diseases


In year 2001, we tested clinically the effect of Biostim-N on the lipid status and blood sugar in patients suffering from Dyslipideamia and Diabetes Mellitus at the Lipid Research Laboratory of the National Center for Hygiene, Medical Ecology and Food. After application period of 60 days, the average indices of total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol and blood sugar of the patients in the group were lowered considerably. The patients felt well and they reported about definitively relaxing effect, improved sleep, normalized blood pressure and reduced stress, which is very important for the correction of metabolic disturbances (of the lipid and glucose metabolism). In my capacity of a physician, I consider Biostim-N as a very proper adiuvant therapy accompanying the basic therapy for slowing down the progress of arteriosclerosis and lowering the risk of clinical complications. Just as such therapy, I started prescribing this product to my patients in my practice.

Dr. Nadia Dontcheva, Assistant Professor,
National Center for Hygiene,Medical Ecology and Food


It is well known that all reactions taking place in a cell are creating an electrical field. Therefore all reactions in human body are affected either  from the total body field known as <aura> as well as from external electrical fields. From biochemical point of view Biostim N is an unique mean for neutralization of external electrical fields while at the same time normalizes the human body field <aura>.By this way Biostim N helps the body to achieve an equilibrium of all metabolitic reactions and improves the general health status

Dr. Zoi Georgiou
Biochemist-Clinical Chemist Ph.D


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